Nuraizah Shamsul Baharin


Nuraizah Shamsul Baharin runs Madcat World (www.madcatworld.com), a startup focusing on mobile technology and lifestyle apps for communities with more than 12 years’ experience in the industry. Madcat has 2 key flagship products – PeaceBeUponYou (www.peacebeuponyouapp.com) which is an Islamic lifestyle app and Zoogleland (www.zoogleland.com) which is a crowdfunding interactive app for zoos and nature parks. We are native app programmers and we build the entire portfolio that supports mobile app development including backend software and web based solutions. She is also the Regional Ambassador for Technovation Challenge (girls solving problems in their community using technology) and Curiosity Machine (families learning Artificial Intelligence.)

Radziah Mohd Radzi


Radziah Mohd Radzi, graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and started her first business in 2007. Her mission is to educate young girls and women about self-development and leadership. Her goal is to empower them through entrepreneurship and inspire them to lead change. She was selected for a few international programs such as the Global Ambassador Program, International Visitor Leader Program and Changing Faces Women Leadership sponsored by the US Embassy. She just started her Social Enterprise venture, Good Hijab to repurpose old hijab and turn them to beautiful pouches and bags. Radziah is also president of Sisterhood Alliance, a Social Purpose Organisation to empower young girls and nurture their confidence.

Syireen Rose Mohamad Sha’ari


Syireen has more than 20 years of experience in the Communication field. Her vast experience showcases career practices ranging from the corporate desk, to print publications, the academia, training, consultancy and coaching. Syireen’s core strength is in editorial. Her exposure to public relations and corporate communication cemented her insights into the conceptualizing and strategizing of communication plans. She now offers coaching to C-Suites and Business Owners, occasionally conducts workshops and training programs, and speaks to entrepreneur associations/groups as well as graduating college students.

Anja Juliah


Noor Asiah Abd Hamid

Siti Noramira Abdul Razak

Faridah Hanam Binti Hussain

Prof. Dr. Madeline Berma


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