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Association of Bumiputra Women Entrepreneur Network of Malaysia (WENA) is Malaysia’s leading network for women entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals.


Established in September 2003, WENA is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to help more Bumiputra women invest in the skills and knowledge essential to grow their potential in business or professionally. From a small group of women with shared values and commitment, WENA now has an extensive network of members which comprises of respected community leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.


WENA believes strongly in championing women’s rights to equal pay, better working condition, access to business opportunities, diversity at the workplace and inclusivity. We are delighted to see more Bumiputra women as business owners, some already achieving great success while others continue to seek assistance and the confidence to grow. Our vision is to build and grow a community of women who would inspire, nurture and motivate each other.


WENA encourages our members to become mentors to young women who aspire to realize their potential in business and professionally. Our networking events offer them the opportunity to connect and engage meaningfully. Our partnership with other organizations and establishments allow our members to expand their horizon and explore exciting possibilities. We also develop relevant programmes such as workshops, seminars and trainings to facilitate personal and professional development. Our future plan includes a membership campaign to further strengthen our pool of resources and talents.


Women is an integral part of our society and is the backbone of the community. Their contribution to the nation’s economy continues to increase as more women enter the workforce, become business owners and entrepreneurs. Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need for synergy and clear strategies to facilitate a culture of excellence amongst women entrepreneurs in Malaysia.


What we do and aspire to do at WENA would send a powerful message to all. We invest in women and the future.


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